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About Us

ANM capital is an independent investment group of wealth and asset management companies that provides a full range of financial solutions for investment, placement and protection of assets in complete confidentiality

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Financial and investment advice

Liquid asset management, capital protection strategies, selection of banks to open accounts, international lending

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Legal advice and support

Asset structuring, creation of trust structures, inheritance programs, operational management

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Corporate finance and direct investment

Attraction of financing, sale of business shares and asset valuation, search for a strategic investor

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Venture Capital

For investors: selection and analysis of projects, venture funds, analysis of existing venture projects in the investor's portfolio. For founders: fundraising, strategic consulting, project scaling

Asset management and Investment consulting

The formation of investment strategies is based on the tasks of the client

Asset Management / Investment Services

Diagnosis of your overall financial situation
Definition of investment goals
Determining the risk profile and investment horizon
Global asset allocation and investment strategy
Valuation of non-market securities
Administration of banking relationships and consulting on them
Opening accounts in foreign private banks
Asset trust management strategies

The larger your capital, the more important it is to diversify your assets across several banks and jurisdictions in order to reduce risk.

Diversification is one of the most important and simplest tools for maintaining wealth.

Financial support

We search and implement the best option that fully meets the interests of the client

Business development / Investment banking services / Direct investment
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Mergers and acquisitions

Search for investors / buyers of assets, representing the interests of the buyer / seller in the transaction, Due Diligence and transaction structuring

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Strategic consulting

Evaluation of business, projects, establishment of enterprises, development of investment strategies, structuring of shareholder relations

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Attracting financing

Organization of bridge loans, attraction of financing, financing of repurchase of enterprises

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Debt restructuring

Development of restructuring strategies, creation of strategic alliances

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